All about my BIRTHDAY!

Hello everyone! Here are ALL the DEETZ on my 22nd Birthday Party!!

What I wore: 

IMG_8317I loved this look because it was so simple and comfortable! I actually stole this idea from one of Kylie Jenners past looks (woops, always do that LOL, minus the blue-do).  The only downfall about wearing a pencil skirt is that at times it’s difficult to dance, get low, boogie down, etc etc.


X-Mas Goodies!

Hello my loves! Hope everyone had an amazing holiday! It’s been a busy few days but I’ve had so much fun hanging out with my family and friends. After a hectic week, all I’m gonna do today is sit in my new robe and watch Game of Thrones, ( and maybe get a work out in because I’m leaving for Punta Cana in less than week LOL whoops). I don’t know about you guys, but my family Christmas dinner involved a lot of eating and Heads-Up playing (which might I add, my family was professional at LOL). Buying special Christmas gifts for everyone is becoming more of a challenge each year, but I think Santa pulled through on mine! Here are some goodies I recieved on Christmas morning…



Get Ready With Me!

Olaaaaaa amigos. I decided to film my halloween make up process. Obviously went as the most common costume: A CAT! The actual costume I wore is a DANCE COSTUME from GRADE 10! I had no idea what to be, and was looking through my closet and came across this number. It still fits! It worked out so perfectly.  I bought the kitty ears from Clare’s for 5 bucks and voila! Instant CAT! MEOWWWW

LOL Anyway, here it is!




Fall-ing for Shoes!

Guys! It’s me! Crispy!! HELLO! IM BACKKKKKKK GUYZZZZZZ. I sincerely apologize for the absense. This summer I was completely bombarded with new things and I was oh so buzehhh. As you may have heard, I’m dunzo with Degrassi :(, very sad HOWEVER I am on a BRAND NEW show called Open Heart, which you guys will be seeing in the near future I hope! If you’re wondering why in the heck I did that awks youtube tutorial, I shall give you answers! I love youtube vloggers and was eager to try vlogging myself. My first video was awkward and maybe a little boring, but I am wanting to do more videos soon, so let me know what you wanna see! ( but like seriously tell me, cause I dunno what to post)

Now that it’s fall, my love and passion with shoes thickens. Booties are a fall-must, and I am here to share my wish-list for this fall season.Wondering if my black and white obsession has anything to do with The 1975?? You are CORRECT!!!!! Obsessed with them… matty healy <3.  

ANYWAYS! ONTO THE SHOESIES! PicMonkey shoes1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 (have these already, woops LOL) // 6



Mimicking Coachella for Lana

photo 3

After creeping and obsessing over all the 2014 Coachella looks last month, I only wished I could dress like a carefree Vanessa Hudgens type flower child in my daily life. But unfortunately that doesn’t fly when you live in a small town nowhere near palm trees or a beach, and the closest thing to a music festival is listening to a hipster band on your iPod. Fast forward to a few weeks post Coachella… Alas, my cousin scores a few tickets to the Lana Del Rey show and the first thing that comes to my mind? Flower Headbands, OBVIOUSLY. It would only make perfect sense to be wearing these hair accessories since Queen Lana is famous for sporting them from time to time.


Outfit Post!

photo 2Okay, I have to admit, this outfit was a little boring and casual to me personally but a HUGE HIT with you guys on Instagram therefore was worth a post! A black on black outfit is unsual since it’s spring but you know those days where you’re just feeling blah? Well I’ve found the solution for looking casual yet rockin’ at the same time :)… pairing it with your fav handbag helps boost the look..


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